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SRK’s hypocrisy, Katrina ex-y scenes, Arjun Kapoor’s oopsy social media moment and more…

Sometimes the world of Bollywood gives us news that makes us go ‘hmmm!’ and then there is the new this week that has made us go ‘Ahem! Ahem!’ for so many reasons.
Here are some juicy Bollywood tidbits you just HAVE to know.

1) SRK continues to ‘appear’ in films

In spite of announcing his hiatus from films after his big box office flop, aptly titled Zero, SRK continues to be heard, if not seen, on the silver screen. First, we heard him in The Lion King as the voice of Mufasa, and now here he is again as the narrator to The Zoya Factor. Not that we mind. But it is beginning to sound a lot like he wants to stay hidden but not forgotten. Ahem!

2) Katrina Kaif continues to ‘meet and greet’ her exes

It was the day of Ganesh Chaturthi puja, a big day in Mumbai and also in B-Town. Granted that lady Kat, as popular as she is, would receive invitations to attend the biggest puja parties in Bollywood but we first saw her at ex-beau Salman Khan’s house and then at Mukesh Ambani’s puja where she shared the same space with her other ex Ranbir Kapoor who was there with current love Alia Bhatt. It seems like a day of curious patterns. Or really it just points to Kat’s professionalism and maturity that she can separate her personal past from her social presence. Still, it is slightly ‘Ahem!’

3) Arjun Kapoor caused a furore

Arjun Kapoor used his trademark humour on social media recently when he captioned a photo of Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, and director Siddharth Anand on the sets of their upcoming film War as ‘The Legend & 2 regular actors…’ But sadly, fans of the actors did not quite get the subtle joke and many went up in arms against their heroes being called mere ‘regular actors.’ I wonder how those same fans would react if we were to ask them: What is so wrong about being a regular actor (like aam aadmi) anyway? Hmm? Ahem!

4) Alia Bhatt: Fashionable or questionable?

Alia Bhatt is well-known for her sartorial elegance on most days but she was recently caught on camera out and about with her friend in a sporty look complete with a Nike T-shirt, sports shoes, and metallic shorts. Wait, what? Metallic shorts? We know Alia loves her shorts, she has been seen in a wide variety of them from embroidered to chiffon to all sorts in the past, but metallic shorts on a muggy Mumbai afternoon in a sporty look? Is it a shiny disco day out or a relaxed day off? So confusing. What do you think? Yay, or nay?

5) Indian film Saaho gets French dissed

It is bad enough that one of the most anticipated and expensive movies of this year, Saaho, has been described as ‘unbearable’ and is tanking at the box office. Now to add insult to injury French director Jérôme Salle claims the film is a rip off of his film Largo Winch (2008), and that it is not even a good copy. He said something like, “If you steal my work, at least do it properly.” Ahem!

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