Shikhar Dhawan-Ayesha Mukherjee: Love that fought all odds

Shikhar Dhawan-Ayesha Mukherjee: Love that fought all odds

Social media has played cupid for several couples way before dating apps took over. Would you be surprised to know that Indian batsman Shikhar Dhawan found the love of his life on Facebook? Let’s have a look at their unconventional love story that makes us go ‘awww’.

1).Love at first click

When Shikhar Dhawan came across Ayesha Mukherjee’s Facebook profile, he couldn’t stop himself from stalking her. Cricketer Harbhajan Singh was the only mutual friend and Dhawan was clean-bowled by her pictures. He sent her a friend request, which was soon accepted, and their Messenger was flooded with pings!
Ayesha was raised in a multicultural family as her mother is British and father is an Indian. She was born in India, but took her secondary and higher education from Australia. Ayesha is a trained kickboxer and her interest in all other sports brought her closer to Dhawan.
As they started feeling for each other, Ayesha confessed that she was a divorcee and had two daughters – Rhea and Aliyah. Dhawan didn’t find this fact important enough to love her any less or accept her as his partner.

2).Fighting the odds

The fact that Ayesha is almost 10 years older than Shikhar and had two children from her previous marriage, was questionable to many. On the contrary, Dhawan was extremely supportive of their togetherness, throughout. In fact, he fought all the odds and committed to her.

3).Making it official

Shikar proposed to the gorgeous lady in 2009 and she said “Yes”! However, he wanted to accomplish higher milestones in his career, and waited for the right time to tie the knot. The couple finally broke all stereotypes and got hitched in 2012. The traditional Sikh wedding was an intimate affair at a Gurduwara in Vasant Kunj. Many cricketers were seen to dance away in glory at Dhawan’s baarat!

Life after marriage:

Soon after their wedding, Dhawan and Ayesha welcomed Zoravar and completed their family. Ayesha has to travel back and forth between Indian and Melbourne to balance family life and career.

4).Fighting the odds

In a recent post on Instagram, Ayesha expressed her love, respect and affection towards her husband, who has always been by her side. His constant support and problem-solving abilities helps them have a happier marriage.This love story makes us believe in true love and compatibility all over again. Stay tuned to Dishopedia for more update on such love-struck birds!

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