Surekha Sikri: Amma ko #BadhaaiHo

Surekha Sikri: Amma ko #BadhaaiHo
“Sabse pehle toh yun jaanna hai mujhe, time kab mil gaya tane?”

Badhaai Ho’s trailer ran tickles through our ribs, when we saw Surekha Sikri deliver these two lines. While the whole movie was very well crafted, what we were so sure of was her timing. With an ensemble star cast that has never happened before, the movie a must watch this year.


The spoken of star plays the role of a mother-in-law, who is very unpredictable throughout the film. Played by Surekha Sikri, she first detests the idea of her middle-aged son & daughter-in-law conceiving and later defends them in front of the whole family. She portrays a traditional mindset but brews a fresh change we could ever expect. Speaking of which, here’re a few places where she absolutely did a fabulous job. Oh, and before you begin reading it, let’s alarm you that the content further may have spoilers, in case you’ve not seen the film.

1) Reacting to the subject of conceiving

When Amma gets to know that her mid-aged son and daughter-in-law have conceived, she is unbelievably shocked at their actions and starts reminding them of their moral responsibilities.

2) Sarkaari Remarks

One just can’t stop laughing when we see the old Amma ranting through the house, delivering Sarkaari punch-lines like, Hum do Humaare do and literally ridiculing the idea of having another baby.

3) Amma’s also a defendant

When it comes to acting as someone above her age, Surekhaji chooses method acting. She brings in the real mother, that possessive nature and a voice that’s so real. She defends her daughter-in-law in front of those who don’t care to even speak with her otherwise and does a truly phenomenal job. It’s the scene, where one would feel, she did the right thing.

4) Sharing the screen space

Actors are characterized in two categories, one who works as a part of the story and the one who chooses to stay mono. Surekhaji can turn herself as per the screen space. She’s one of those actors, who very comfortably shared the screen space and script space with all her co-actors.
There are some scenes where she shares the screen with actors Neena Gupta, Gajraj Rao, Ayushmann, and Shardul Ranashare without overpowering her character. Well, that’s what we call a Dishkiyaon performance.
The critically acclaimed, Surekhaji is a four-decade-old fine actor, who’s always as excited as a first timer to face the camera. Her zeal, stamina, and passion truly recommend us to watch the much-celebrated movie of 2018, Badhaai Ho!

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