When stars have an “air” about them

When stars have an “air” about them

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1) When stars have an “air” about them

Satish Kaushik, Karan Johar, Neha Dhupia, Kareena Kapoor…

What’s common amongst these creative ensembles? Hint: No. They aren’t featuring together in a movie from the Dharma stable. In fact, they are riding high on the “air” waves.

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2) It’s official. Radio is trending the forecast of 2019.

Donning the RJ hat, Karan Johar, a.k.a love guru, wears his heart on his sleeve as he dishes out relationship gyaan on his show “Calling Karan” on Ishq 104.8 FM (https://www.ishq.com/).
On the other side of the spectrum, Neha Dhupia grills her friends from the industry on “No Filter Neha”, a no-holds barred celeb chat podcast on JioSaavn.

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Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BsFQVwnndvD/
3) The Filmy Calendar Show with Satish Kaushik

Interestingly, a man of many hats, our very own Calendar from Mr India presents “The Filmy Calendar Show with Satish Kaushik” on 91.9 FM Radio Nasha . But, the showstopper in the podcast world might be the latest debutante: Kareena Kapoor Khan, with ‘What Women Want’ on Ishq 104.8 FM.

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4) Been there, done that

Actors and radio go a long way. In 1957, before he claimed the title of The original angry young man in Mother India, Sunil Dutt was quite popular as a presenter on Radio Ceylon.

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5) Even Amitabh Bachchan, gifted with brilliant baritone

In fact, for many radio was a dream job. Even Amitabh Bachchan, gifted with brilliant baritone, dreamed of being a radio presenter. But, fortunately or unfortunately, he was snubbed for that role by Ameen Sayani (As admitted by the famous radio ace in an interview with PTI of Binaca Geetmala fame.)

6) Up, close and personal with stars

Bulky transistors may be passé. But radio via podcasts sure has found a new lease of life with listeners tuning in for their favourite stars theatrics. Here’s looking forward to more stars join the bandwagon in 2019! Hear, hear!